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Asthma part 1 30/06/2015
Asthma part 2 30/06/2015
Cerebral Palsy and Its Causal Relationship With Birth Asphyxia 30/06/2015 
Chest Pain 30/06/2015
Chronic Migraine 30/06/2015
Common Psychiatric issues in Chronic Pain
COPD is complicated: the story of its comorbidities
Craniofacial Abnormalities: Importance of a Team Approach
Early COPD: How to identify it and is it worth treating?
Endometrial Carcinoma            30/06/2015
Episodic migraine in women          30/06/2015

Gallstones: Causes, diagnosis and treatment

Hormonal Contraception and Cancers
Inflammatory bowel disease
Intrauterine Fetal Growth Restriction  30/06/2015
Managing severe COPD: Much can be done
Myocardial ischemia 30/06/2015
Neuropathic pain: A guide to clinical management
Neuropathic pain: recognition and diagnosis    30/06/2015
Pain relief and the end of life  30/06/2015
Postmenopausal Bleeding   30/06/2015
Practical management of multiple sclerosis  30/06/2015
Resistant hypertension 30/06/2015
Soft tissue Rheumatic part 1  30/06/2015
Soft tissue Rheumatic part 2  30/06/2015
STEMI  30/06/2015
Unusual primary headaches: Keys to an accurate diagnosis  30/06/2015 
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