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Sponsored CPD - Doctors
(Paediatrics) End Date: 27-May-2020
(Haematology) End Date: 03-Sep-2020
(Paediatrics) End Date: 31-Dec-2019
(Haematology) End Date: 21-Mar-2020
(Haematology) End Date: 21-Mar-2020
(Infectious Diseases) End Date: 19-Dec-2019
(Infectious Diseases) End Date: 12-Dec-2019
(Gastroenterology) End Date: 03-Dec-2019
(Infectious Diseases) End Date: 27-May-2020
(Diabetes and Endocrinology) End Date: 01-Aug-2020
(Gastroenterology) End Date: 01-May-2020
(Paediatrics) End Date: 17-Oct-2019
(Obstetrics & Gynaecology) End Date: 25-Feb-2020
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