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Improving diagnosis in AMI: Utilising high-sensitivity cardiac troponin assays

Improving diagnosis in AMI: Utilising high-sensitivity cardiac troponin assays

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Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) is among the leading causes of death worldwide and occurs during an acute obstruction of blood flow to the heart. The goal of this learning activity is to provide doctors with a comprehensive review of AMI and the role of cardiac biomarkers, specifically high-sensitivity cardiac troponin (hs-cTn) assays in diagnosing AMI. Upon completing this module, participants will have a better understanding of the following aspects:

• Clinical presentation and classification of AMI

• Cardiac biomarkers in AMI

• The role of hs-cTn assays in diagnosis

• Rapid ‘rule-in’ and ‘rule-out’ with hs-cTn assays

CPD Reviewer:

Dr Alan Fong Yean Yip

Consultant Cardiologist

Department of Cardiology, Sarawak Heart Centre


Please read thoroughly & understand the module before attempting the assessment questions.

Terms & Conditions:

■ Participants must obtain a minimum score of 8/10 (80%) to be awarded 1 point.

■ MIMS Education and MIMS Medica shall not be responsible or liable for the outcome of your CPD points.

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