Management Of Cutaneous Mycoses In Daily Practice – The Value of Isoconazole

Management Of Cutaneous Mycoses In Daily Practice – The Value of Isoconazole

Dermatology And Venereology
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Cutaneous fungal infections are noninvasive infections of the hair, skin and nails caused by a broad range of fungal pathogens and are sometimes accompanied by bacterial infections. In addition to the primary infection, cutaneous mycoses are often associated with burdensome symptoms, such as inflammation, pruritus, burning sensation and erythema. Although an armamentarium of therapeutic agents is available to treat fungal diseases, choosing the right agent may be a challenge. This module aims to highlight practical considerations to guide the choice of treatment for cutaneous mycoses


Professor Stefano Veraldi

Tenured Associate Professor

Università degli Studi di Milano


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• Doctors


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