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Health Talk Asia COVID 19: Known and the Unknown after 2 Years

Health Talk Asia COVID 19: Known and the Unknown after 2 Years

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About this course

The global impact of COVID-19 has been overwhelming and caused a major burden in healthcare. This module tackles the best practices and management in selected countries during the pandemic as well as effective approaches in healthcare post pandemic.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this module, you should be able to know the management and protocols initiated in selected Asian countries in addressing the global impact of COVID-19.
  • Circuit breaker protocol as means of controlling the spread of infection
  • Phases of relaxation period after the circuit breaker
  • Effective contact tracing procedures
  • Simplified approach on testing for COVID
  • Stay home recovery program
  • Future strategies and preventive treatment options
  • The use of specific anti-infectives in the management of COVID
  • The role of anti-inflammatory and secretolytics
  • Effective post-Covid management
  • The new normal respiratory care
  • The effects of COVID 19 on mental health
  • Adjustment disorder, anxiety, depression and current suicidal trends
  • The multidisciplinary approach in managing mental health disorders during the
  • pandemic
  • Mental health practical preventive measures

Topics covered

  • Living with COVID: Singapore’s story
  • COVID-19 Pneumonia: Thailand Perspective
  • Managing Mental Health: The effects of living with COVID-19

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