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Red Eye and Eye Emergencies: Management Approach for the Primary Care Physician

Red Eye and Eye Emergencies: Management Approach for the Primary Care Physician

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About this course

Eye redness is one of the most common eye symptoms and can be due to dilated conjunctival or scleral vessels from an inflammatory or infectious process, or from trauma. Disorders causing red eye can be approached systematically for proper diagnosis and management. Ocular trauma on the other hand is sight threatening and must be managed immediately. Prompt referral to an ophthalmologist is necessary after temporizing measures have been given. This e-learning module reviews the different causes of red eye and their corresponding management, as well as the diagnosis and immediate care for common eye emergencies.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the educational activity, participants should be able to:
  • Define red eye and describe its common differentials
  • Determine how to diagnose and manage the common causes of red eye in the outpatient setting
  • Identify and diagnose common eye emergencies
  • Know how to provide immediate care for common eye emergencies along with appropriate temporizing measures while awaiting specialist care

Topics covered

  • Red Eye: Definition
  • Red Eye Algorithm: Background, Evaluation & Management
  • Common Eye Emergencies: eyelid trauma, trauma to the globe, ocular surface burns
Keywords: red eye, common eye emergencies