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Managing Thyroid Nodules: Updates from the MEMS Annual Congress 2022

Managing Thyroid Nodules: Updates from the MEMS Annual Congress 2022

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About this course

Thyroid nodules are relatively common and are usually found incidentally. The key objective is to differentiate a benign nodule from a malignant lesion. This e-learning module provides an overview on thyroid nodules, from screening, counselling in primary care, and referring to a specialist, and summarizes the recent advances in diagnosis and thyroid nodules treatment.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the educational activity, participants should be able to
  • Navigate through the issues encountered with thyroid nodules in primary care
  • Understand the recent advances in thyroid nodule diagnosis
  • Review thyroid nodules treatment: options for benign & malignant nodules
  • Understand the role of active surveillance in managing thyroid nodules

Topics covered

  • Thyroid nodules in Primary Care
    • Screening & Diagnosis
    • Counselling & Patient Education
    • Referral for diagnosis & management
    • Continuing care – surveillance & post-operative care
  • Thyroid Nodules – advancements in diagnosis, treatment & surveillance
    • Diagnosis: estimating malignancy, fine needle aspiration cytology updates, molecular testing
    • Treatment – benign vs malignant
    • Surveillance

Keywords: thyroid nodules, primary care, thyroid nodules diagnosis, thyroid nodules treatment

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